We are a music consultancy focused on artist management and development. Artists are more than their music, and we help them achieve personal and professional goals through synergetic partnerships, collaborations, and business ventures.


Artist Management

We offer comprehensive management services, covering event planning, live performances, career development, and strategic partnerships to help artists realize their full potential.

Business Development

We empower artists to explore opportunities beyond music, providing guidance for launching businesses, pursuing outside interests, and expanding into new ventures.

Data Insights

We provide valuable data analytics and insights, tracking performance metrics, audience engagement, and market trends to help artists make informed decisions and optimize their strategies.

Social Strategy

Our advanced social strategy and technology solutions, including an in-house algorithm and dashboard, help artists grow their audience, schedule content, and manage their digital presence across multiple platforms.


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Tay Da Prince


Oke Junior


We collaborated with our partners to empower artists and strengthen our industry. Together, we've developed resources addressing common challenges artists face, providing step-by-step guidance. Please note, the information in these guides is not financial advice and represents optional opinions.Always seek necessary legal and financial counsel before making decisions.1. Building Credit Guide (Placeholder)
2. Building Business Credit Guide (Placeholder)
3. Setting up a US Bank Account as a Non-Resident (Placeholder)
4. Free One-Year Headspace Meditation Trial (Placeholder)
5. How To Write a Pitch Deck + Templates


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